The Yagerian Code

The Yagerian Therapy is an amazingly simple and powerful method for helping people fast and effectively. Not only therapists and coaches should know about the Yagerian Code, but everyone working with people. The amazing effectiveness of the Yager Therapy has been proven in an extensive study. After an average of just 3.5 sessions, the presenting problems were completely solved or at least reduced by 80%.
Therapists are able to work successfully with clinical pictures which might be challenging even for experienced clinicians, such as chronic pain, compulsions, or substance-related or non-substance related addictive disorders, as well as bipolar disorders, dissociative disorders or personality disorders of any kind.

Help people who are either not willing or not permitted to talk about their specific problem

It is also possible to work with pregnant women and other patients who should not be exposed to an emotionally upsetting therapy. In applying the Yagerian Code, you will even be able to help people who are either not willing or not permitted to talk about their specific problem.

For coaches, instructors, counsellors and others working in helping and counselling professions, the Yagerian Code provides a significant improvement regarding the effectiveness of their work, thus also establishing the possibility for therapeutic work.

Working with clients who will not go into trance or do not go into trance deeply enough

For therapists and coaches using hypnosis or NLP, it is a great help when working with clients who will not go into trance or do not go into trance deeply enough that they can fall back on the Yagerian Code as an alternative. Because here, many clients will go into trance spontaneously, without a formal trance induction being required. Personally, I have been using the Yagerian Code over and again during my hypnotherapy sessions, in order to achieve an additional benefit for my patients and clients.

Therapists will find a method which they may use effectively either as a sole treatment or in combination with other methods. Therapists, who have already been using the Yagerian Code, are thrilled with their fantastic results.

It is so easy to apply this method that it can even be applied by non-professionals.

The Yagerian Code can also be applied as a self-help procedure to improve one’s health, to overcome problems and to achieve one’s goals more easily.

Due to my own work and having received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues using the Yagerian Code, I have become aware of its huge potential, and I have made it my objective to promote this method in Germany.

Be certified as Yagerian therapists

Aside from many other advantages of the Yagerian Code, clinicians can also be certified as Yagerian therapists. As there are only very few certified clinicians, this opens a clear competitive advantage in this field. (With our online course you have already fulfilled an important part of the certification requirements.)

New standards of quality

Our Yagerian Code training sets new standards of quality. Short, step-by-step video sequences will guide you through the procedure in easily comprehensible learning units.

The student can practically look over the instructor’s shoulder. Thus it is possible to learn and to successfully apply this method within a very short time. You can watch every step in your own time as often as you like. It is almost as if you were having a private instructor in your living room.

The Yagerian Code is a must for everyone working with people and wanting to support them to achieve health-related, professional and private goals in an effective and lasting way.

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